Museum and Northeastern University

We viewed the Basquiat and the Hip-hop generation exhibit to provide context as this generation of artists began as taggers in the 70’s. Featuring Basquait and four others, the exhibit moves through the early graffiti , especially in the New York subway system structures and cars, to the 1980s gallery scene.

Available on the the streets around the museum and Northeasten campus are numerous street murals. An interesting walk can be taken by starting at the corner of Huntington and Forsyth Way, cross Huntington, walking away from the Museum toward the Northeastern Campus. On your right you will see a building and then the law school and Forsyth St.

Turn right on Forsyth, and with the campus on both sides you will see arty, murals and buildings on both sides. You will arrive at a circle with the Ruggles building in front of you and a path along the right of the building to Ruggles St.

Northeastern notably has used murals and street art to emphasize the importance of mask wearing, using the slogan “Save the Pack”.

Crosstown ares and Rose Kennedy Garden

A walk on the path through the Rose Kennedy garden and public arts park provides not only a view of the city and waterfront, but also some outstanding street art as it forms the path through a public art installation. The park path starts at the entry to the tunnel fromed by a beautiful mural of birds.

As you walk though the gardens toward the North End you will see the following among other installations.