Miami’s Wynwood area offers a fun chance for the family to enjoy street art. We planned overnight on our way to the Keys for a family thanksgiving week. Arriving on Friday afternoon we checked into a nearby hotel and then took off down Biscayne Blvd for a short walk and an interesting dinner.

The next morning, we parked on 27th near Biscayne for a short walk through the neighborhood to the enclosed Wynwood Walls street space that serves as a museum of street art. The neighborhood provided us with several new insights into Miami street art. Several of the art pieces referred directly to the businesses in the building, while others gave insight into the culture of Miami.

Wynwood Walls museum space shows how a protected venue for street art and murals can provide a focus for gathering. On this Saturday morning, the art was in the crowd and on the walls.

I highly recommend taking a day to chase the walls of Wynwood. And Chase us down for day tours in Morocco and Tunisia.