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Mohamed Yassine Chraibi

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Mohamed Yassine Chraibi is a multidisciplinary artist, born in 1993 in Marrakech. After a bachelor’s degree in applied arts, he trained at the regional educational center of Casablanca, plastic arts section. And, since 2013, he has been teaching this discipline.

A precocious and persistent observer of the grand universe, Yassine’s imagination will irrevocably journey towards the creation of its own world, a parallel world of which it will be the sole ‘sculptor’.

To do this, the materials will become his primary quest. It had to be modeled and brought to life. Metal, crumpled paper, …. Regardless, Yassine Chraibi will find a way to assemble and harmonize materials, however different they may be, not with the aim of withering away but in the very direction of the evolution of matter.

Join us for a fascinating visit with Eric at his workshop. When you order a Marrakech street art day tour, please note in the comments section that you would like to visit Eric van Hove’s workshop.

At the end of this rigorous and laborious journey, these characters and these scenes leave their inanimate world and take us, simple observers, into a whirlwind of very tender feelings. As if their fate was our top priority.

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